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Belle + Bracken: Maggie Blyth’s Own Designs


Nestled in the enchanting Highlands of Scotland, the debut of Maggie's own brand, Belle + Bracken is set to take the fashion world by storm. With the first collection, Belle + Bracken has drawn inspiration from the captivating colours and untamed beauty of Glen Affric, resulting in a line that breathes the essence of this mesmerizing Scottish landscape.

Glen Affric: A Tapestry of Nature

Glen Affric, often hailed as one of Scotland's most picturesque glens, is a haven of natural wonder. From the deep azure of its pristine lochs to the vibrant greens of its ancient woodlands, the colours of this majestic landscape have been a wellspring of inspiration for Belle + Bracken.

The Essence of Belle + Bracken

Belle + Bracken's inaugural collection encapsulates the very soul of Glen Affric. Each piece tells a story, weaving the hues of the glen into fabrics that echo the vibrancy of nature. The rich emerald greens, the serene blues of water, and the earthy tones of the bracken-covered hillsides are carefully translated into every design.

Sustainability at the Heart

Belle + Bracken's commitment to sustainability is as unwavering as the mountains that surround Glen Affric. Every piece in their collection reflects their dedication to ethical and environmentally conscious fashion. They source materials with great care, ensuring minimal environmental impact and fair labour practices. As a result, each Belle + Bracken creation is not just a garment; it's a testament to responsible fashion.

Versatility in Highland Style

Belle + Bracken's designs are versatile and inclusive. The first collection caters to a wide range of tastes and sizes, making these stunning pieces accessible to fashion enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you're looking for an everyday statement or a special occasion piece, Belle + Bracken has something to offer.

Shop Belle + Bracken at Maggie Blyth

Experience the natural splendour of the Highlands through the Belle + Bracken collection, and explore the range's sustainable, Highland-inspired fashion in store or here online. It's a journey of style that pays homage to the Scottish wilderness while embracing the future of sustainable fashion.

Belle + Bracken is more than a clothing brand; it's a connection to the Highlands, a love letter to Glen Affric, and an embodiment of responsible fashion. Shop their debut collection and become part of a fashion movement that blends nature, sustainability, and style seamlessly.